Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brick and stone adornments

On The Hill in St. Louis is a collection of small and tidy homes.  Most are of one of two basic shapes:  the "shotgun", long and narrow, and one story, to fit a narrow lot; or square-ish, possibly with a room or two above.  Most are unique.  Occasionally a builder constructed more than one, side by side, as these obviously were.

Though they look identical, these septuplets have interesting variations in brick color combinations, brick and stone adornments over doors and windows, and more recent awnings.

Every peak window has a different decorative arch, and several of the houses have small and subtile decorative brick designs over the doors and right-hand windows.

The Hill is an extremely intact ethnic neighborhood of 50-60 blocks built by Italian immigrants, many of whom walked to work in the clay mines adjacent to the neighborhood.

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